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Our benefits

Why choose a funeral plan?

A prepaid funeral plan puts you in control of your affairs, protecting you against inflation and rising funeral costs as well as reducing the concern and financial burden for your loved ones

  • Protect against price rises

    According to the SunLife Cost of Dying Report, 2015, funeral costs have risen by 92% since 2004 and by 2025, the projected average cost of a funeral will be £6,713 We protect you against these future rises by allowing you to fix your funeral price at today's costs

  • Do it your way

    Create a personal funeral that’s unique to you, reducing stress for your loved ones who might otherwise have to guess what you would have wanted for your funeral

The Open Plan

Funeralbooker have partnered with independent funeral directors and Open Prepaid Funerals to create The Open Plan

  • Secure and ethical

    Open Prepaid Funerals was formed in 2003 to provide a financially secure and ethical funeral plan. They set the standard for funeral plan performance and have excellent rates of fund growth

  • High growth, low cost

    The Open Trust deed has been created to protect both you and the funeral director. It ensures that your money is safely managed by an independent board of trustees, providing high financial growth and low administrative costs

Transparent, Independent

Choosing The Open Plan secures you the best growth rate protection as well as supporting independent businesses

  • Protection

    Open are the only plan provider who apply the same rate of growth to both funeral director and 3rd party costs, providing greater protection against shortfall than other providers

  • Published performance

    Unlike other plan providers, Open publish their growth rates and have seen an excellent average of 3.74% growth every year since 2003

The Open Promise

Open are so confident that this plan offers the best value for money and financial security that they now offer a 100% money back guarantee

  • 100% money back guarantee

    If you find a better performing plan based on financial return and administrative costs in the 12 months after purchasing your Open plan, then they will cancel your plan and refund you 100% of the amount you paid for your plan

  • Everything can be customised

    Even after you have made contact with a funeral director through the website, every part of the funeral plan can still be tailored

Do it your way

We pride ourselves on putting you in control and giving you as many options and as much time as you need to choose your plan

  • Your payment terms

    You can pay all at once, make monthly payments, irregular payments or top up whenever you like - it's up to you

  • No pressure selling

    We aren't a high-pressure sales business chasing commission targets. If you don't want anyone to call you, they won't call you

Latest Testimonials

I'd spoken to a few funeral directors before using Funeralbooker and felt I was being ripped off. Funeralbooker kept me in control of everything.

Emily Katchur, Walsall

I'd been quoted a horrifying price from a large corporate funeral director. Using Funeralbooker saved us over £2,000.

Chris Harvey, Wolverhampton

Requesting a callback is a really neat idea. The funeral director called me straightaway and already knew what I was looking for.

Patricia Busto, Birkenhead

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