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We’ve partnered with funeral directors in your area, secured their best possible pricing and collected trusted, real reviews. Once you’ve connected with someone through Funeralbooker, they’ll help you with every detail. Plus our celebration pages keep friends and family involved and informed, even allowing them to help with the funeral cost.

We are proud to be SAIF Associate Members and recommended by The Good Funeral Guide

Customer reviews

We were very pleased with the service we received. Staff were helpful and approached the situation with tact and sensitivity.

Alex Allen

The service provided by John Weir was as good as you could hope for. They listened to what we wanted and made appropriate recommendations. Everything ran smoothly on the day and the communication was good and we were happy with the price.

Denise Hill

Andrew was fantastic help for us exemplary service.

Donald Fletcher-Evans

Gordon Tully was amazing and definitely went the extra mile to make everything easy for us. I would say that he provides a service that is vastly above and beyond the price we paid and would recommend him very highly to anyone.

Donald Fletcher-Evans

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We’ll guide you through the basics of selecting funeral options, advising you in simple language
Use our simple filters and reviews to help decide who the best funeral director for you could be
They will call you straight back, aware of your choices, and help you with all of your questions
Our safe and secure payment system means you always stay in control of your invoice
Keep friends and family updated and involved with our online tools such as Celebration Pages
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Call us on 020 8629 1600
Search for funeral directors near you Make an informed choice Connect with a funeral director When you’re happy to proceed, pay a deposit online Free access to features and support

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Once you’ve made an enquiry, create a celebration page for your loved one and easily share it with friends and family to keep them updated about the funeral

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Compare hundreds of funeral directors for the best price